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Real Estate Tips
Short Sales >3. How to Prepare for a Short Sale

If a homeowner is facing foreclosure and wishes to explore short selling their home as an alternative, it is crucial to get help from a trusted real estate agent. With the agent’s help, this is how the homeowner will prepare to short sell their home:

  1. Agreement. The homeowner must get the lender to agree to sell the home at a loss.
  2. Documentation. If the lender agrees to a short sale, the homeowner will need to provide documentation to the lender indicating that he or she is financially incapable of paying for the loan. It depends on the lender, but the documentation usually required can include:
    • A hardship letter explaining why the homeowner is unable to pay the mortgage.
    • Recent tax return forms, W2 forms, and/or 1099s.
    • Recent paystubs.
    • Financial statement detailing list of assets and liabilities.
  3. Consultation. The last thing a financially stressed homeowner needs is more financial stress. The homeowner should consult with an attorney to find out whether or not difference between what the home is worth and what the home sells for will be taxed.
  4. Communication. Everyone needs to communicate during this process. The homeowner needs to communicate with the lender to make sure the lender has everything needed to apply for the short sale. The homeowner and the lender need to be in constant contact with potential buyers to make sure they stick around.

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Real Estate Trivia
What is considered the oldest surviving non-native building in the U.S.?

The governor's palace in Sante Fe, New Mexico, built in 1609, was constructed with materials and methods adapted from the native Indians.
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Bill, Evelyn, & Bart are unquestionably the best resource for handling your real estate needs in Radford and the surrounding area. Since 1990, they have individually sold more homes each year than 95% of the other agents in the New River Valley. Their desire to earn a REPUTATION FOR RESULTS has kept them consistently at the top of their profession. Call or email them today!!!

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